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Fazioli grand pianos are produced since 1981 in Sacile – north-east Italy. This region is famous for woodworking since ages.


Fazioli differs from the other brands in many aspects. What is easy to notice is its Italian name. What more, the probation of the company lasts a little more than 30 years. That makes it so unique.

What else is worth mentioning is that the longest grand piano on the piano market came out from the Paolo Fazioli factory. They only produce grand pianos. Fazioli offers 16 models. 10 special and 6 serial.

Why Fazioli piano price list and models?

30 years

The company is active since 1981 which is relatively a short period of time among other piano brands.


Fazioli is not only European. It is Italian. The consequence of that is the name of it sounds Italian. Most brands have German names after its founders.


Fazioli produces the longest grands on the piano market F308 – 308cm long.


  • HÉLÈNE GRIMAUDhttps://www.charlesblanchardpianist.com/helene-grimaud-in-santa-fe/


    "Thank you for your wonderful piano.
    Warmest regards"

    HERBIE HANCOCKhttps://www.radioflash.to/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/HerbieHancock.jpg


    "Happy Birthday, Paolo!!!
    This day has been a great day for me. I am the proud owner of a brand new
    Fazioli piano. Your pianos can, with the sound of one note, announce the
    celebration of the freedom and creativity of the human spirit. Please continue
    doing what you are doing. The artists and listeners will continue to be satisfied."
    (Sacile 2003)

    MAURIZIO BAGLINIhttps://www.caprinews.it/leggi1.asp?cod=3509


    "To Paolo Fazioli
    With so much regard, affection and infinite gratefulness for the pianos
    he makes, always different each other, always the most beautiful."
    (Pisa 2004)


Paolo Fazioli comes from a carpenter family. Since his early childhood he showed musical talent and he had a special interest in pianos. In 1980, four prototypes of grands appeared. F183, F156, F228 and F278. The numbers defining the particular model are also their length in cm. Official establishment of the company dates on January in 1981. Four prototype models were introduced to press and the audience at the exhibition in Mediolan in the same year. A month after establishing, Fazioli presented their first offer at the Musikmesse fair in Frankfurt.

Providing the F278 model to Teatro Comunale di Monfalcone resulted in long-term cooperation. Many famous pianists performed there with this instrument. In 1986 the Fazioli factory launched the longest piano in the market – F308. It is named after its length, as most of the grands are. One year later, the prototype of this model was used by a French pianist François Joël Thioller to perform a Tchaikovsky piano concert. In 1987, the Fazioli offer was completed by the middle size F212 model. At the end of the year, in collaboration with the R & D Zanussi Centre, the factory has improved all six models, which now constitute a full range of Fazioli brand models. The number of instruments produced annually varies between 120 and 130.

What's interesting...

  • Basin carpentershttps://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/01/Sacile-Livenza1.jpg

    Basin carpenters

    Fazioli factory is placed in Sacile city in North-Eastern Italy. This is a region well-known of woodworking since ages.



    Famous New York music school – Juillard School bought a Fazioli piano. Interrupted thereby 80 years monopoly of Steinway & Sons in this institution.



    Fazioli brand produces grand pianos only.

Models and prices

Fazioli Grands characterized by integrity and loyalty to the ideals.
The company does not have aspirations to transforms itself into a huge corporation, but it depends on producing unusual instruments with unique sound.


Model Height Depth Weight Prices new Prices used Still produced

Grand pianos

Model Length Height Weight Prices new Prices used Still produced
Fazioli F156156 cm98 cmYes
Fazioli F183183 cm98 cm63 900 € - 81 074 €Yes
Fazioli F212212 cm98 cmYes
Fazioli F228228 cm100 cmYes
Fazioli F278278 cm100 cmYes
Fazioli F308308 cm100 cmYes


Details: Length 156 cmWidth 98 cmWeight

The smallest of all Fazioli grands. Despite little dimensions it has clear and strong sound.

weight: 295 kg



Details: Length 183 cmWidth 98 cmWeight

Rich and gentle sound. Well balanced between low range and high tones.

weight: 340 Kg

Used Fazioli F183 63 900 € - 81 074 €


Details: Length 212 cmWidth 98 cmWeight

Classical dimensions grand suitable for music schools, medium concert halls and recording studios. Wide range of dynamics.

weight: 395 Kg



Details: Length 228 cmWidth 100 cmWeight

Action and dynamics simmilar to F278 model. Strong and deep bass makes it perfect to medium concert halls. A bit smaller than regular concert grands, with its rich tone, F228 will work well in the ensemble or on solo performances.

weight: 430 Kg



Details: Length 278 cmWidth 100 cmWeight

Standard size concert grand piano.
Classical instrument for big concert halls and recording studios.
Wide range of dynamics and rich harmony make up the power of the sound of the piano.

weight: 530 Kg



Details: Length 308 cmWidth 100 cmWeight

Jewel in the crown of Fazioli brand. The longest model in the whole offer. It will be visible and hearable in the biggest concert hall. Unusual richness of harmony owes to lengthened bass strings. Fourth pedal, which is Fazioli invention, allows to reduce volume without intervention in timbre.

weight: 570 Kg

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